Crunchy Crab - Τραγανός Κάβουρας
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Welcome to the Crunchy Crab!

Brandnew and perfectly fresh… the Crunchy Crab brings the sea into your dish!
In a neo-modern place which does not revoke the classic fish tavern but it marries it with the novelty and the avant-guard in all levels.
If we wanted to describe the Crunchy Crab with three words we would say:
The clever fish tavern in your neighbourhood!
We keep tradition, quality, freshness and the prices of a good fish tavern and we combine it with experimental cuisine and a more friendly environment.

Our fish: are fresh… so we get to choose whenever we have a good catch.

We cooperate with three different fishermen so that you do not miss good and fresh fish and have variety, too!

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Make your reservation

In the Crunchy Crab we accept orders after having contacted us.

  • Reserve your table
  • Make a reservation for birthdays, celebrations
  • Make a reservation for your company occasions
For reservations call: (+30)  210 57 31 544